– a reader, edited by Vernard Eller.

Copyright 2007 by Plough Publishing House.

“It often may seem that God doesn’t do anything, no matter how much we beg. In this or that area of life it is as though everything has gone dead. What is the consequence? That we say, as many do, “Now I believe nothing anymore!”? No, rather I say, ‘Then we don’t have him. We have gotten onto a wrong track; we are no longer turned to him in the right way. Because only a God who intervenes is our God. If he does nothing, it is not our God.’…

“We don’t need a religion; we need a man, a God. And if we don’t get a God, what then is the purpose of all our Christianity? It produces hypocrites! It is as dynamic as cobblestones are! We need an action-God, a God who does something. That is the God of the Bible. The rest will come of itself..” — from the book.

Author: Christoph Friedrich Blumhardt
Pages: 258

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