Lived 1828 - 1917

Andrew Murray (1828 – 1917) was a South African writer, educationist and Christian pastor. Over the years he has influenced many, including Jessie Penn-Lewis a key figure in the 1904-1905 Welsh Revival. Murray authored over 240 books.

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Andrew Murray 1

Absolute Surrender

(53 pages)

With other addresses. One of Murray’s best known works.

Andrew Murray 1

The deeper Christian life

(21 pages)

Andrew Murray 1

Divine healing

(82 pages)

Murray says: “The publication of this work may be regarded as a testimony of my faith in divine healing. After being stopped for more than two years in the exercise of my ministry, I was healed by the mercy of God.”

Andrew Murray 1

Helps to intercession

(19 pages)

A month of practical exercises to take you deeper in prayer.

Andrew Murray 1

Jesus Himself

(22 pages)

A revision of two addresses, which originally appeared in the South African Pioneer, the organ of the “Cape General Mission”.

Andrew Murray 1

Like Christ

(104 pages)

“A little book on the Image of our blessed Lord, and the likeness to Him to which we are called.”

Andrew Murray 1

Lord, Teach Us To Pray

(18 pages)

Andrew Murray 1

The Master’s Indwelling

(83 pages)

These papers were in substance delivered by the author in a series of addresses at the Northfield Conference of 1895, but later rewritten and revised by him for this permanent and authorized publication.

Andrew Murray 1

The missionary problem

(3 pages)

The missionary problem is a personal problem – every believer should be a soul winner.

Andrew Murray 1

New life

(71 pages)

Written for young disciples who have but recently chosen Christ.

Andrew Murray 1

The power of persevering prayer

(3 pages)

And the Lord said, “Men ought always to pray, and not to faint…”

Andrew Murray 1

The school of obedience

(42 pages)

Some of the chief lessons to be learnt in Christ’s school of obedience. The Father in heaven requires that every child of His yield Him whole-hearted obedience, day by day. To enable His child to do this, He has made sufficient provision in the promise of the New Covenant, and in the gift of His Son and Spirit.

Andrew Murray 1

The two covenants

(74 pages)

The two covenants and the second blessing.

Andrew Murray 1

Waiting on God

(66 pages)

Andrew Murray 1

With Christ in the school of prayer

(118 pages)

“Lord teach us to pray.”

Andrew Murray 1


(17 pages)

or ‘The Kingdom of God Is Within You’.

Andrew Murray 1

Working for God

(40 pages)

The object of this book is to remind all Christian workers of the greatness of the work in which God gives a share, that work of bringing men back to God.

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